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Robe, South Australia is a small coastal town which is home to a range of community and commercial radio stations. Here is a comprehensive review of all the stations that are receivable in Robe, along with their frequency and band:

Community Radio Stations

5THE FM - 87.8 FM

This community radio station has a wide coverage area across South-Eastern South Australia and Western Victoria, and is receivable in Robe on 87.8 FM. They play a range of music, including classic rock and pop, and also have a range of informative shows and current affairs programs.

Coast FM - 87.6 FM

Coast FM is another community radio station playing a mix of music and talkback programming. Based in nearby Kingston SE, they are also receivable in Robe on 87.6 FM.

ABC South East SA - 1161 AM

The ABC is Australia's national broadcaster, and they have a local radio station servicing the South East of South Australia on 1161 AM. They offer a range of news, current affairs, and entertainment programming, and are an essential part of the region's media landscape.

Commercial Radio Stations

Triple M - 104.9 FM

Triple M is a commercial radio station with a wide coverage area across South Australia, and is receivable in Robe on 104.9 FM. They primarily play music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but also have a range of sports and entertainment programming.

HIT 96.1 FM - 96.1 FM

HIT 96.1 is another commercial radio station playing a range of music, primarily contemporary pop hits. They are receivable in Robe on 96.1 FM.

Nova 93.7 - 93.7 FM

Nova 93.7 is a commercial radio station with a focus on contemporary pop and alternative music. While it is primarily based in Perth, it has a range of transmitters across regional Western Australia, including a transmitter that is receivable in Robe on 93.7 FM.


There is a great range of community and commercial radio stations to choose from in Robe. Each station has its unique mix of programming and music, providing something for everyone.

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