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Events in and around Robe

As the seasons change, so do the events and activities available in and around the charming town of Robe in South Australia. Read on for a comprehensive guide to seasonal fun and exciting events in the region.

The summer months in Robe are filled with sun, sand and sea. There are a range of water-based activities on offer, including fishing, swimming, kayaking and jet-skiing. Visitors can explore the town's beautiful beaches, such as Long Beach and Hooper's Beach, or venture further afield to nearby spots like Little Dip Conservation Park. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are plenty of coastal walks and hikes to enjoy in the nearby scenic parks.

Autumn is a time of cooler days and stunning foliage changes in the region. Robe's charming main street comes to life with autumnal colours and offers visitors the perfect opportunity for a leisurely stroll. The town's annual folk festival, held in early April, showcases local music talent and attracts musicians from all over the country. The Robe Show is another popular event that visitors can attend in late March, featuring livestock exhibits, amusement rides, and food stalls.

Robe's mild winter climate makes it the perfect destination for those seeking a winter getaway. Visitors can take advantage of the region's local wineries and indulge in a wine tasting tour. For the more adventurous, the winter months also offer the opportunity for whale watching, with Southern Right and Humpback whales migrating along the coast during this time of year. Additionally, the Robe Winter Ball, held in late July, provides an evening of glamour and sophistication, with live music, a three-course meal and dancing.

Spring in Robe marks the start of the fishing season, with visitors flocking to the town to take part in the annual Southern Bluefin Tuna fishing competition held in late September. For those who prefer not to get their feet wet, the Robe Art Exhibition, held in early October, showcases local and national artists' work and is a must-see event. Visitors can also explore Robe's unique natural beauty by going on one of the many scenic walks, such as the Kintyre Walk or the Waterfall Gully walk.

Contact Details:
- Robe Visitor Information Centre: +61 8 8768 2465
- Robe Folk Festival: +61 8 8768 2454
- Robe Show: +61 8 8768 2735
- Robe Winter Ball: +61 8 8768 5039
- Southern Bluefin Tuna fishing competition: +61 8 8768 5051
- Robe Art Exhibition: +61 8 8768 2455

Aerial view of Robe Photo Thanks to Kym Farnik